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Cloud Solutions

Clouding Computing has become a very popular buzzword over the past several years. Cloud solutions makes software and services more affordable for small to medium sized businesses by bringing you significant cost savings, better security, greater flexibility and mobility plus better business continuity.

Cloud computing uses hosted resources located in large secure data centers to provide computer platforms, applications or infrastructure, freeing you from worries about hardware, cooling, power, and other IT infrastructure concerns, as well as the costs that go with them.

Cloud computing for business is:

  • Service-based – hosted by service provider and available over the Internet
  • Scalable and elastic – scale up or down by adding or removing resources as needed
  • Shared – collaborate from any internet-enabled device
  • Pay what you use – allow you to pay just for what you use
  • Internet technologies – services are delivered through Internet

Types of cloud services:

Many services are available as a cloud solution, including:
  • Hosted exchange email and anti-spam solutions
  • Hosted anti-virus and anti-malware solutions
  • File sharing and storage solutions
  • Web protection and filtering solutions
  • Online software subscriptions
  • Desktop and infrastructure as a service
  • Hosted servers
  • Online disaster recovery and backup solutions
  • Hosted VOIP solutions.
These powerful solutions can all be customised to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you are looking to reach new markets, increase efficiency, or leverage your technology investments, we can provide the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our solution-based approach will ensure that we help you build a cloud strategy which works for your business today and tomorrow as your business evolves. Our Cloud Solutions strategy is aimed to:

  • ensure you have a good understanding of whether cloud is right for your business
  • provide you a clear plan on what to do, when to do it and how much it will cost
  • recommend you the service that is best for your business
  • enhance, optimize and automate your business operations & processes
  • increase your competitive edge
  • reduce your capital costs.