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Software Development

We help you to increase your business by increasing efficient and performance on your daily business processes. We develop as well as customize software as per requirement to meet your business goals. We mainly focus on delivering software/applications with our objectives to achieve

  • High performance
  • User convenience
  • Security
  • Smooth integration

Our development services also include:

  • Work on independent blocks of the Customer’s project, e.g., testing, delivery of a platform-specific version or application maintenance
  • Augmentation of the Customer’s IT team at any project stage to bring in particular competencies or experience

We also provide hosted software applications service to provide standard support to our clients in every way possible in order to deliver advanced level technical solutions. This service will contribute to giving your business security, flexibility, and mobility packages, that include all licensing, support, and maintenance at a reasonable cost.
We also provide proper recommendation for hosted Microsoft CRM, and customize software as required to meet the business needs.

Webhosting and web design

We have practical experience in mobile responsive websites and attractive yet easy-to-use sites. We’ve also developed a content management system that lets you edit all aspects of your website, and online store, with ease. It’s cost effective and fast.

  • Website design
  • Programming
  • SEO optimisation on-site and on-page for Google rankings
  • Ecommerce solutions & online shopping carts
  • Content management systems
  • Intranets
  • Database development

Our Economy hosting is perfect for small business websites that don’t use databases or scripting. You’ll receive all the benefits of hosting with us, including a high-quality hosting service you can count on, unlimited support, and a heap of tools and resources to help you grow your business online.

With Economy Plan, you not only have a seamless path to our Mission Critical hosting services, Online Marketing and eCommerce options, but you also get the lowest possible cost to start your online business.

Storage & Traffic

100MB web space This is the amount of data (or files) that you are allowed to store on our servers with this package. Your email inboxes do not count towards this limit.

5GB data transfer per month*

Your data transfer limit is the sum of all inbound and outbound traffic to the web server. Each time a visitor accesses your site, or you upload files to your web server you are transferring data, all of which counts towards this limit. For a regular website with no large multimedia files, 100 MB of web traffic is equivalent to about 4,000 page views.


20 x 100MB POP mail accounts

POP (Post Office Protocol) is a client/server protocol in which email is received and held for you on the server. When you check your email using products like Eudora or Outlook, the mail is downloaded to your computer and the mail is deleted on the server.


Webmail allows you to check your email through any internet connection using a web browser.

Unlimited aliases

Email aliases aren’t email accounts with their own mail accounts, but pointers to email accounts. For example, you can create an email alias called manager@your-domain.com and point it to john.smith@your-domain.com, which has a mailbox. Email aliases are useful when your real email account changes – you can just point your alias to the new address – or if you want to receive mail from many generic addresses.

Auto responder

Auto Responder will send an automatic message back to any sender, who sends you a new message with a notification of your choice.